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Lightbulb Newbie Guide (Everyone Read This)

Newbie Info

Welcome to the forum. To make everything run smoother, please read this whole post.


Always use the SEARCH button to check if a thread has already been posted. Members who have been here for a while get very annoyed at repeat threads.

The search button is always up at the top right of the screen.

Swearing / Cussing

The words may be blanked out with #'s, but please just dont do it. You will more than likely be banned if you continue to do it after a warning.

It is never necessary either. Take a 5 minute breather and think of a witty and mature reply instead of 10 year old name calling.

Useful Posting

When you are going to post, make it worthwhile. Dont just say "yeah" or "word" to boost your post count. It annoys everyone and wastes space.

Think about what youre posting too. Is it going to cause trouble? Dont post it! Might it be breaking the rules? Dont post! Its that simple.

Correct Section

Always post in the right section. If its not directly to do with Freestlye Motocross, dont put it in the fmtx genereal.

If you are unsure, post it in the off topic section.

Repeat Threads

Lately a lot of threads have been so over posted that everyone is sick of them. So it would be advised you dont post threads about:

Motocross Madness 2 (mcm2)
Photoshop Bike Editing
whats your fav band/song
what gear do you wear
fav rider
etc etc etc

unless of course it is really needed

Private Messages

If you want to contact someone, dont post a thread to get their attention. Instead, click the "pm" button on any of their posts, or profile.


The little pic under your name is called an Avatar, and you must have 4 posts or over to have one.

1- The picture you want for your avatar must be 80x80 pixels or less, and under 20kb in file size.

2- click Settings > Edit Options > Change Avatar

3- click Yes under custom avatar, then click the browse button, and point it to the pic you want as an avatar.

4- click submit modifications, and your done, it should now show up under your name on any posts youve made.

Posting Pics

To post pics on the forum, first you must make sure that each pic is under 100kb in size. (right click on it, select properties)

When you make a post, down the bottom of the screen (above the submit button) , there as a section that says "attach", and there is a box next to it.

click on browse,point it t the pic you want to post from your computer, click ok, and then submit. If it is under 100k, it will then appear on the new post.

If not, you need to resize the pic, or just lower its quality. You can do it in any paint program, usually by clicking image> image size, and making it less pixels in length and width.

A good free program to do it is Irfanview >

Download that, install it, and open the pic you want to make smaller in it. Click Image> Resize/resample, and make it smaller. Then save it, and check if its under 100k....if not, make it smaller again.

Follow this simple guide, and you should have no trouble on this great forum.

PM me about any troubles

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DO NOT post about anything related to pirating on these forums.
If you feel need to say anything related to it, please do it through PMs or by a chat method such as AIM.
No pirate talk in the chat, or these forums.

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As per the general rules of common courtesy on message boards, we do not permit SPAM.

Spamming a board means the following:

Making posts that advertise your commercial web site.

Making posts that advertise your message board.

Making posts that advertise your commercial product for sale.

If you SPAM, you may lose your ability to post and your message contents will be deleted and replaced with the SPAM icon. If you have any questions, send us an e mail to
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