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Thumbs down Mono

Hey. Has anyone had mono before? How long did it last?
I got mono like last wednesday, went to the doctor friday, he didn't even do a throat culture and told me I just had a cold.

I went to the doctor today in a different city knowing something was wrong, I have a pretty bad case of mono. Those bastards stuck a needle in my arm!

They say I can not ride for 6 weeks because my spline is quite large, and if it pops..well, not good news.

They say I have a "puss pocket" in my throat and thats why It's so hard to drink anything.

I havn't drank anything or eaten anything all day and most of yesterday because it hurts so bad, now I have to take these huge ### pills so it doesn't hurt as bad, but it hurts 10x worst when I take the pills. I also have to take steroids..errr.

I have to take 5 of each, today and tomorrow.
4 of each, 3rd and 4th day
3 of each, 5th and 6th day
2 of each, 7th and 8th day.
and 1 of each 9th and 10th day

This is BS. Worst sore throat I've ever had in my life.
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mr. thumper
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funny you should ask because i just got my blood work back and my spline is finally un inlarged from mono however my doc said that it could take 6 months or so for the tiredness to go away but whatever when i got mine like a month and a half ago i went to the hospital becsuse i was so dehydrated from not being able to eat or drink anything
oh and i second the notion it was the worst soar throat in my life
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I just got over what was probaly a very minor sore throat compared to you guys and it still sucked.

I hate being sick, it realy makes you appreciate your health.
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