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A-Rod to the Yankees, oh my god. :(

I have loathed Pay-Rod since he lied to us, saying in the early stages of his contract negotiations that it wasn't about money, it was about playing for a ring and staying in Seattle. Turns out he was out from the begining to get the highest contract ever, no matter what team, and he wasn't going to stay in Seattle.

Now it looks all but inked that he's going to play 3rd base for the Yankees. Holy cow, this sucks. The Yankees might not stop winning now. It was poetic justic after A-rod left. He's been in the cellar of the AL West ever since he went to Texas and Seattle has since been a contender every season, playing in the playoff's (not doing anything there, but whatever), and winning more games than any body else in baseball. But now.......

I see dark days for Yankee haters, this is a sad day.
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That really stings for us Red Sox fans too. Here we think that A-Rod is coming to Boston, then it falls through and he ends up playing for the Yankees. I don't like it one bit.
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Haha...I just heard about this as well. I'm a Yankees fan so this is just hilarious to me.

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The Yankees ARE the reason there needs to be a salary cap in baseball, they are truly the evil empire.

Yankees-190 million salary (not including a-rod)

Padres, Royals, Mariners combined - 145illion

D-backs- 80 million

Mets (third in salary in the mlb)- 130 million!!!

All i can say is i hate the yankees with a passion and my team doesn't need theextra 110 million to win a world series.
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