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Posted October 7th, 2009 at 12:59 PM by 939
FMX will blow your minds....
ē Progression:
gradual advancement: a gradual change or advancement from one state to another; forward movement: movement forward or onward; series of related things: a series or succession of related things

OK! Here we go; right now all around the world parents are bringing their kids to their local jump spot so their kids can work on their tricks. On top of that, kids are getting into foam a young ages. Add that to people like the AFMXA and the boys over at FMX East who are working on and hosting amateur contests you have a recipe that creates an insane pipeline of talent to come in the pro ranks for years and years.
Everyone always questions the limits of FMX progression and there is always mixed feelings. My feeling is it will never stop progressing, but it will slow down after the next couple of years!!! Only to pick back up in the 3 to 5 years and hit us HARD. By then kids will be more comfortable flipping and throwing 360s then they are riding their bikes to school. Growing up in Canada I remember all those early mornings and late nights on the outdoor rink with my Dad. From age 4 till age 20 I spent almost everyday a rink. Now at the age of 23 I skate better then I walk. My point is Deegan hit his first foam pit when he was in his late 20s right?? Whatís going to happening when kids start at age 4 or 5...................?
Already I bet you guys are typing your reasons for disagreeing with me but listen. FMX is still a new sport, and some of the top boys on this forum like Mason, Jones, Miller, and Mylo etc can probably confirm that their parents didnít take them to the foam pit practice everyday. Just think how young kids are flipping now, by the time kids turn 16....they will have probably flipped more than Metzger or Deegan did in their entire careers. Growing up like that will make for more progression and take this sport to heights that will blow are minds.
This article is all over and not well put together...I am just babbling!!! The reason why I wrote this blog is to get everyone talking.... I want to hear what you guys think about progression. What tricks will be thrown in the future what will be house hold etc.

I think the volt will be played with a lot over the next few years; double backflips will have 1 footers and no footers thrown in, one handed front flips, more body varials. I canít wait!!!!!

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Trickdaddy's Avatar
Fmx will never die.... But in the future I would like to see cooler course design like in Slopestyle Mountainbiking! If you have never watched that stuff go on youtube or somethin! I would also like to see more FREERIDING!!

Trick wise I belive it will slow down a bit for the next few years and then when the next generation of kids come around (like me jk I can hope though!) it will blow back up!
Posted October 7th, 2009 at 08:11 PM by Trickdaddy Trickdaddy is offline
wow...i never really thot of it that way. thats awesome dude.
Posted February 19th, 2010 at 11:34 PM by bryce438 bryce438 is offline
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